Commit fcb89167 authored by Volker Hilsheimer's avatar Volker Hilsheimer
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Experimental rsync folder sharing support

Works on Linux and macOS guests, not on Windows due to powershell.
parent c2984a36
......@@ -96,6 +96,11 @@ def share_folders(box, machine, shares)
case share["type"]
when 'mutagen'
mutagen_share(box, { "paths" => { host => guest } }, machine)
when 'rsync'
guest = adjust_guest_path(guest, box)
host = host.gsub("~", $HOME)
box.vm.synced_folder host, guest, type: :rsync
box.minicoin.fs_mappings.merge!({host => guest})
default_shares[host] = guest
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