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Some additional qml review action points

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......@@ -252,3 +252,6 @@ AP: Yes, we want to do this restriction in Qt 6.2. We can choose to relax it in
`qmllint` gets a set of `.qrc` files passed to it. One of those will contain the `qmldir` of the module/target. But `qmldir` files of any other QML modules won't be found without adding an import path for the build directory. But then you will get a mix of source and build directory files for any imported QML modules. If any warning messages need to refer to those other-QML-module files, you're back to potentially seeing the build directory copies mentioned instead of the source directory files.
**Decision:** TBD
AP: Discuss this question internally, given that we didn't have enough time to talk about it in the meeting.
AP: Consider if hard linking qml files from source dir to build dir is something we want to do to avoid showing build dir qml file paths in warnings.
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