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Add infrastructure for doc generation

Added the doc config for the Quick 3D module,
with index and module pages for C++ and QML types.
Also added bare min. docs for a few C++ and QML
types, and a group page for the examples.
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#include <QtQuick3d>
\ No newline at end of file
project = QtQuick3D
description = Qt Quick 3D Reference Documentation
version = $QT_VERSION
examplesinstallpath = quick3d
# Custom module header that pulls in also QtQuickWidgets
moduleheader = QtQuick3DDoc
includepaths = -I .
qhp.projects = QtQuick3D
qhp.QtQuick.file = qtquick3d.qhp
qhp.QtQuick.namespace = org.qt-project.qtquick3d.$QT_VERSION_TAG
qhp.QtQuick.virtualFolder = qtquick3d
qhp.QtQuick.indexTitle = Qt Quick 3D
qhp.QtQuick.indexRoot =
qhp.QtQuick3D.filterAttributes = qtquick3d $QT_VERSION qtrefdoc = QtQuick3D $QT_VERSION
qhp.QtQuick3D.customFilters.Qt.filterAttributes = qtquick3d $QT_VERSION
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects = qmltypes classes examples
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.qmltypes.title = QML Types
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.qmltypes.indexTitle = Qt Quick 3D QML Types
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.qmltypes.selectors = qmlclass
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.qmltypes.sortPages = true
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.classes.title = Classes
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.classes.title = C++ Classes
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.classes.indexTitle = Qt Quick 3D C++ Classes
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.classes.selectors = class fake:headerfile
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.classes.sortPages = true
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.examples.title = Examples
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.examples.indexTitle = Qt Quick 3D Examples and Tutorials
qhp.QtQuick3D.subprojects.examples.selectors = fake:example
tagfile = ../../../doc/qtquick3d/qtquick3d.tags
depends += qtqml qtquick qtdoc
headerdirs += ..
sourcedirs += .. \
exampledirs += ../../../examples/quick3d
imagedirs += images
#add imports directory because of dependencies
headerdirs += ../../imports
sourcedirs += ../../imports
#add plugins directory because of dependencies
headerdirs += ../../plugins
sourcedirs += ../../plugins
navigation.landingpage = "Qt Quick 3D"
\ No newline at end of file
\group quick3d-examples
\title Qt Quick 3D Examples and Tutorials
\brief List of all examples and tutorials
\example hellocube
\title Qt Quick 3D - Hellocube example
\brief Demonstrates the use of custom material
\ingroup quick3d-examples
\image hellocube.png
\page qtquick3d-index.html
\title Qt Quick 3D
\brief Provides API that lets you define 3D items using QML
Qt Quick 3D provides a high-level API for creating 3D content or UIs based on
Qt Quick. Rather than using an external engine which creates syncing issues,
and additional layers of abstraction, we provide extensions to the existing
Qt Quick scenegraph for spatial content, and a renderer for that extended
scenegraph. When using the Spatial scenegraph it is also be possible to mix
Qt Quick 2D content with 3D content.
\image demoRender.png
\section1 Related information
\li \l{Qt Quick 3D C++ Classes}
\li \l{Qt Quick 3D QML Types}
\li \l{Qt Quick 3D Examples and Tutorials}
\module QtQuick3D
\title Qt Quick 3D C++ Classes
\brief Provides the necessary C++ classes to include 3D items.
TODO: Add necessary information to use the module.
\qmlmodule QtDemon 1.0
\title Qt Quick 3D QML Types
\brief Provides the QML types to include 3D items.
This is the QML frontend for using the spatial renderer and scenegraph. For the
time being, all 3D content goes through offscreen textures (FBO)s so that they
can be composed into Qt Quick scenes (as a QQuickItem).
......@@ -5,7 +5,11 @@
#include <QtMath>
\qmltype DemonCamera
\inqmlmodule QtDemon
\brief Lets you add a camera to view the 3D content
QDemonCamera::QDemonCamera() {}
float QDemonCamera::clipNear() const
......@@ -4,6 +4,11 @@
\qmltype DemonDefualtMaterial
\inqmlmodule QtDemon
\brief Lets you define material for the 3D item
: m_diffuseColor(Qt::white)
, m_emissiveColor(Qt::white)
......@@ -5,7 +5,11 @@
#include "qdemonobject_p.h"
\qmltype DemonImage
\inqmlmodule QtDemon
\brief Lets you add a texture image to the material
QDemonImage::QDemonImage() {}
QDemonImage::~QDemonImage() {}
......@@ -4,6 +4,12 @@
\qmltype DemonLight
\inqmlmodule QtDemon
\brief Lets you define the lighting for a 3D item
QDemonLight::QDemonLight() : m_diffuseColor(Qt::white), m_specularColor(Qt::white), m_ambientColor(Qt::black) {}
QDemonLight::~QDemonLight() {}
......@@ -11,6 +11,11 @@
\qmltype DemonModel
\inqmlmodule QtDemon
\brief Lets you load a 3D model data
QDemonModel::QDemonModel() {}
QDemonModel::~QDemonModel() {}
......@@ -7,6 +7,11 @@
\qmltype DemonNode
\inqmlmodule QtDemon
\brief Lets you define a 3D item with necessary properties
// Update global transform properties from backend
......@@ -28,6 +28,11 @@ static void updateProperyListener(QDemonObject *newO, QDemonObject *oldO, QDemon
\qmltype DemonSceneEnvironment
\inqmlmodule QtDemon
\brief Lets you configure the scene environment
QDemonSceneEnvironment::QDemonSceneEnvironment(QDemonObject *parent)
: QDemonObject(parent)
......@@ -38,6 +38,18 @@ QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
// connections.insert(newO, connection);
// }
\class QDemonView3D
\inmodule QtQuick3D
\brief Provides the infrastructure to render 3D items
\qmltype DemonView3D
\inqmlmodule QtDemon
\brief Provides the infrastructure to render 3D items
QDemonView3D::QDemonView3D(QQuickItem *parent)
: QQuickItem(parent)
......@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@ QT = core-private gui-private demonruntimerender-private quick-private
QMAKE_DOCS = $$PWD/doc/quick3d.qdocconf
qdemonobject.cpp \
qdemonnode.cpp \
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