Commit 7665a0d3 authored by Daniel Smith's avatar Daniel Smith

fix patch list handling

parent 7a2565ac
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ def parseArgs():
parser.add_argument("--SecondBuildOnHead", dest="secondBuildOnHead", action="store_true", help="Enable this parameter to build the second commit against branch HEAD instead of searching for a COIN integration.")
parser.add_argument("--OpenGLBackend", dest="openGLBackend", type=str, default="desktop", help="Render backend options. Valid options are \'desktop\', \'angle\', \'software\'")
parser.add_argument("--jobName", dest="jobName", type=str, help="unique job name used for writing results file to logs directory. Typically a hash of the job to be run.")
parser.add_argument("--patches", dest="patches", type=str, help="List of patches to apply before building")
parser.add_argument("--patches", dest="patches", type=list, help="List of patches to apply before building")
parser.add_argument("--environment", dest="environment", type=str, help="Comma separated list of environment variables and values to use for the build and test environment.")
return parser.parse_args()
......@@ -658,7 +658,8 @@ def applyPatches(currentModule):
if not args.patches:
for patch in args.patches:
for patch in [args.patches] if type(args.patches) is not list else args.patches:
url = ""
ref = patch
module = ""
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