Commit 794e44af authored by Daniel Smith's avatar Daniel Smith

Revert debug build back to release

parent 4d02e7a3
...@@ -252,10 +252,10 @@ def buildModule(module): ...@@ -252,10 +252,10 @@ def buildModule(module):
if (module == "qtbase"): if (module == "qtbase"):
reportStatusUpdate("Configuring QtBase") reportStatusUpdate("Configuring QtBase")
if isWindowsOS: if isWindowsOS:
configurecmd = ["configure.bat", "-prefix", installdir, "-no-pch", "-nomake", "tests", "-nomake", "examples", "-debug", "-opensource", "-confirm-license", "-no-warnings-are-errors", "-opengl", "dynamic"] configurecmd = ["configure.bat", "-prefix", installdir, "-no-pch", "-nomake", "tests", "-nomake", "examples", "-release", "-opensource", "-confirm-license", "-no-warnings-are-errors", "-opengl", "dynamic"]
else: else:
configurecmd = ["./configure", "-prefix", installdir, "-no-pch", "-developer-build", "-nomake", "tests", "-nomake", "examples", "-debug", "-opensource", "-confirm-license", "-no-warnings-are-errors"] configurecmd = ["./configure", "-prefix", installdir, "-no-pch", "-developer-build", "-nomake", "tests", "-nomake", "examples", "-release", "-opensource", "-confirm-license", "-no-warnings-are-errors"]
print(f"Running Configure for Qtbase") print(f"Running Configure for Qtbase")
proc =, check=False, shell=isWindowsOS) proc =, check=False, shell=isWindowsOS)
if proc.returncode: if proc.returncode:
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