Commit b96270af authored by Eskil Abrahamsen-Blomfeldt's avatar Eskil Abrahamsen-Blomfeldt
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Hotfix flipped content on macOS

parent f5da5052
......@@ -341,7 +341,16 @@ void QVncItem::grabTexture()
auto *rhiLayer = qobject_cast<QSGRhiLayer*>(tex);
if (rhiLayer) {
auto *wp = QQuickWindowPrivate::get(window());
static bool flipped = wp->rhi->isYUpInFramebuffer();
static bool flipped =
#ifdef Q_OS_MACOS
// ### On mac we get isYUpInFramebuffer() = false and isYUpInNDC() = true
// and the last one seems to be the correct one. But until the difference
// is understood, we just hack this to true on macOS as a hotfix.
imgFlipped = flipped;
newImg = rhiLayer->toImage();
} else
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