Commit 2ee4da2c authored by Laszlo Agocs's avatar Laszlo Agocs
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update todo

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d3d: texture import/export
prof api
prof report api (fed by a cbor stream)
vk, d3d, gl: tex and other prof
vk, d3d, gl: debug: object names
vk, d3d, gl: debug: markers (begin, end, msg)
max texture size?
max texture size stuff
plainqwindow examples should be reorganized into one (using examplefw)
multiwindow_threaded should demo pulling out the device and importing to another rhi
mtl: reduce set*
advanced blend modes
......@@ -53,9 +53,11 @@ dxc for d3d as an alternative to fxc?
hlsl -> dxc -> spirv -> spirv-cross hmmm...
+++ done
d3d: texture import/export
vk: memalloc stats to prof
mtl: debug: markers (begin, end, msg)
mtl: debug: object names
prof: cbor output from resource logs
mtl: buf/tex/rb/sc prof
mtl, gl, vk: texture import/export
rhi native handle getter (device, ...)
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