Commit 33e51a2c authored by Laszlo Agocs's avatar Laszlo Agocs

Update doc and todo

Conveniently postpone the sync (fence/event/...) work until we actually
have a proper use case for it.
parent 7c0da12d
......@@ -242,6 +242,13 @@ QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
QRhiResourceSharingHost. Resources can also outlive their creating QRhi in
this case, as long as there is at least one QRhi left in the sharing group.
\note Support for efficient concurrent access to shared resources from QRhi
instances operating on different threads, especially when writing (for
example, rendering to a texture) is involved, is limited for the time
being. Neither GPU-GPU nor GPU-host synchronization facilities (such as,
fences or events) are provided in the QRhi API at the moment. These may be
introduced in the future.
\sa {Qt Shader Tools}, QRhiResourceSharingHost
...... example to show read/write same texture example to show read/write same texture?
event/fence for
advanced blend modes
gl: tex formats (texture, readback)
......@@ -21,8 +21,6 @@ gl: ubuf structs, arrays
test cubemap face as target
test cubemap face readback
object names for other than buf/rb/tex
mtl: drawable warning?
gl: target QOpenGLWindow/Widget?
......@@ -41,8 +39,6 @@ multi-buffer (region) readback?
depth readback?
copy image depth?
gl: markers and object names via gl_khr_debug
dxc for d3d as an alternative to fxc?
hlsl -> dxc -> spirv -> spirv-cross hmmm...
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