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......@@ -725,6 +725,70 @@ QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
\class QRhiShaderResourceBindings
\inmodule QtRhi
\brief Encapsulates resources for making buffer, texture, sampler resources visible to shaders.
A QRhiShaderResourceBindings is a collection of QRhiShaderResourceBinding
instances, each of which describe a single binding.
Take a fragment shader with the following interface:
layout(std140, binding = 0) uniform buf {
mat4 mvp;
int flip;
} ubuf;
layout(binding = 1) uniform sampler2D tex;
To make resources visible to the shader, the following
QRhiShaderResourceBindings could be created and then passed to
srb = rhi->newShaderResourceBindings();
QRhiShaderResourceBinding::uniformBuffer(0, QRhiShaderResourceBinding::VertexStage | QRhiShaderResourceBinding::FragmentStage, ubuf),
QRhiShaderResourceBinding::sampledTexture(1, QRhiShaderResourceBinding::FragmentStage, texture, sampler)
ps = rhi->newGraphicsPipeline();
This assumes that \c ubuf is a QRhiBuffer, \c texture is a QRhiTexture,
while \a sampler is a QRhiSampler. The example also assumes that the
uniform block is present in the vertex shader as well so the same buffer is
made visible to the vertex stage too.
\section3 Advanced usage
Building on the above example, let's assume that a pass now needs to use
the exact same pipeline and shaders with a different texture. Creating a
whole separate QRhiGraphicsPipeline just for this would be an overkill.
This is why QRhiCommandBuffer::setGraphicsPipeline() allows specifying an
optional \a srb argument. As long as the layouts (so the number of bindings
and the binding points) match between two QRhiShaderResourceBindings, they
can both be used with the same pipeline, assuming the pipeline was built
with one of them in the first place.
Creating and then using a new \c srb2 that is very similar to \c srb with
the exception of referencing another texture could be implemented like the
srb2 = rhi->newShaderResourceBindings();
QVector<QRhiShaderResourceBinding> bindings = srb->bindings();
bindings[1].stex.tex = anotherTexture;
cb->setGraphicsPipeline(ps, srb2);
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