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......@@ -44,41 +44,169 @@ QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
\inmodule QtRhi
\brief Collects resource and timing information from an active QRhi.
A QRhiProfiler is present for each QRhi. Query it via QRhi::profiler(). The
profiler is active only when the QRhi was created with
QRhi::EnableProfiling. No data is collected otherwise.
\note GPU timings are only available when QRhi indicates that
QRhi::Timestamps is supported.
Besides collecting data from the QRhi implementations, some additional
values are calculated. For example, for textures and similar resources the
profiler gives an estimate of the complete amount of memory the resource
\section2 Output Format
The output is comma-separated text. Each line has a number of
comma-separated entries and each line ends with a comma.
For example:
1,0,140446057946208,Triangle vbuf,type,0,usage,1,logical_size,84,effective_size,84,backing_gpu_buf_count,1,backing_cpu_buf_count,0,
1,0,140446057947376,Triangle ubuf,type,2,usage,4,logical_size,68,effective_size,256,backing_gpu_buf_count,2,backing_cpu_buf_count,0,
1,1,140446057984784,Cube vbuf (textured),type,0,usage,1,logical_size,720,effective_size,720,backing_gpu_buf_count,1,backing_cpu_buf_count,0,
1,1,140446057982528,Cube ubuf (textured),type,2,usage,4,logical_size,68,effective_size,256,backing_gpu_buf_count,2,backing_cpu_buf_count,0,
7,8,140446058913648,Qt texture,width,256,height,256,format,1,owns_native_resource,1,mip_count,9,layer_count,1,effective_sample_count,1,approx_byte_size,349524,
1,8,140446058795856,Cube vbuf (textured with offscreen),type,0,usage,1,logical_size,720,effective_size,720,backing_gpu_buf_count,1,backing_cpu_buf_count,0,
1,8,140446058947920,Cube ubuf (textured with offscreen),type,2,usage,4,logical_size,68,effective_size,256,backing_gpu_buf_count,2,backing_cpu_buf_count,0,
7,8,140446058794928,Texture for offscreen content,width,512,height,512,format,1,owns_native_resource,1,mip_count,1,layer_count,1,effective_sample_count,1,approx_byte_size,1048576,
1,8,140446058963904,Triangle vbuf,type,0,usage,1,logical_size,84,effective_size,84,backing_gpu_buf_count,1,backing_cpu_buf_count,0,
1,8,140446058964560,Triangle ubuf,type,2,usage,4,logical_size,68,effective_size,256,backing_gpu_buf_count,2,backing_cpu_buf_count,0,
9,9,140446058913648,Qt texture,slot,0,size,262144,
10,9,140446058913648,Qt texture,slot,0,
2,5079,140446057947376,Triangle ubuf,
2,5079,140446057946208,Triangle vbuf,
8,5079,140446058913648,Qt texture,
2,5079,140446057982528,Cube ubuf (textured),
2,5079,140446057984784,Cube vbuf (textured),
2,5079,140446058964560,Triangle ubuf,
2,5079,140446058963904,Triangle vbuf,
8,5079,140446058794928,Texture for offscreen content,
2,5079,140446058947920,Cube ubuf (textured with offscreen),
2,5079,140446058795856,Cube vbuf (textured with offscreen),
Each line starts with \c op, \c timestamp, \c res, \c name where op is a
value from StreamOp, timestamp is a recording timestamp in milliseconds
(qint64), res is a number (quint64) refering to the QRhiResource the entry
refers to, or 0 if not applicable. \c name is the value of
QRhiResource::name() and may be empty as well. The \c name will never
contain a comma.
This is followed by any number of \c{key, value} pairs where \c key is an
unspecified string and \c value is a number. If \c key starts with \c F, it
indicates the value is a float. Otherwise assume that the value is a
\enum QRhiProfiler::StreamOp
Describes an entry in the profiler's output stream.
\value NewBuffer A buffer is created
\value ReleaseBuffer A buffer is destroyed
\value NewBufferStagingArea A staging buffer for buffer upload is created
\value ReleaseBufferStagingArea A staging buffer for buffer upload is destroyed
\value NewRenderBuffer A renderbuffer is created
\value ReleaseRenderBuffer A renderbuffer is destroyed
\value NewTexture A texture is created
\value ReleaseTexture A texture is destroyed
\value NewTextureStagingArea A staging buffer for texture upload is created
\value ReleaseTextureStagingArea A staging buffer for texture upload is destroyed
\value ResizeSwapChain A swapchain is created or resized
\value ReleaseSwapChain A swapchain is destroyed
\value NewReadbackBuffer A staging buffer for readback is created
\value ReleaseReadbackBuffer A staging buffer for readback is destroyed
\value VMemAllocStats GPU memory allocator statistics
\value GpuFrameTime GPU frame times
\value FrameToFrameTime CPU frame-to-frame times
\value FrameBuildTime CPU beginFrame-endFrame times
: d(new QRhiProfilerPrivate)
delete d;
Sets the output \a device.
\note No output will be generated when QRhi::EnableProfiling was not set.
void QRhiProfiler::setDevice(QIODevice *device)
d->outputDevice = device;
Requests writing a VMemAllocStats entry into the output, when applicable.
Backends that do not support this will ignore the request. This is an
explicit request since getting the allocator status and statistics may be
an expensive operation.
void QRhiProfiler::addVMemAllocatorStats()
if (d->rhiD)
\return the currently set frame timing writeout interval.
int QRhiProfiler::frameTimingWriteInterval() const
return d->frameTimingWriteInterval;
Sets the number of frames that need to be rendered before the collected CPU
and GPU timings are processed (min, max, average are calculated) to \a
The default value is 120.
void QRhiProfiler::setFrameTimingWriteInterval(int frameCount)
if (frameCount > 0)
d->frameTimingWriteInterval = frameCount;
\return min, max, and avg in milliseconds for the time that elapsed between two
QRhi::endFrame() calls.
\note The values are all 0 until at least frameTimingWriteInterval() frames
have been rendered.
QRhiProfiler::CpuTime QRhiProfiler::frameToFrameTimes(QRhiSwapChain *sc) const
auto it = d->swapchains.constFind(sc);
......@@ -88,6 +216,13 @@ QRhiProfiler::CpuTime QRhiProfiler::frameToFrameTimes(QRhiSwapChain *sc) const
return QRhiProfiler::CpuTime();
\return min, max, and avg in milliseconds for the time that elapsed between
a QRhi::beginFrame() and QRhi::endFrame().
\note The values are all 0 until at least frameTimingWriteInterval() frames
have been rendered.
QRhiProfiler::CpuTime QRhiProfiler::frameBuildTimes(QRhiSwapChain *sc) const
auto it = d->swapchains.constFind(sc);
......@@ -97,6 +232,22 @@ QRhiProfiler::CpuTime QRhiProfiler::frameBuildTimes(QRhiSwapChain *sc) const
return QRhiProfiler::CpuTime();
\return min, max, and avg in milliseconds for the GPU time that is spent on
one frame.
\note The values are all 0 until at least frameTimingWriteInterval() frames
have been rendered.
The GPU times should only be compared between runs on the same GPU of the
same system with the same backend. Comparing times for different graphics
cards or for different backends can give misleading results. The numbers are
not meant to be comparable that way.
\note Some backends have no support for this, and even for those that have,
it is not guaranteed that the driver will support it at run time. Support
can be checked via QRhi::Timestamps.
QRhiProfiler::GpuTime QRhiProfiler::gpuFrameTimes(QRhiSwapChain *sc) const
auto it = d->swapchains.constFind(sc);
......@@ -115,6 +266,9 @@ void QRhiProfilerPrivate::startEntry(QRhiProfiler::StreamOp op, qint64 timestamp
if (res)
void QRhiProfilerPrivate::writeInt(const char *key, qint64 v)
multiwindow_threaded should demo pulling out the device and importing to another rhi
primitive restart
advanced blend modes
gl: tex formats (texture, readback)
gl: srgb
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