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      Add support color renderbuffers · e099c9b1
      Laszlo Agocs authored
      Let's pretend it's 2008 and forget about multisample textures for
      a moment. Therefore, add support for color renderbuffers. These are
      only useful when sample count is > 1 i.e. multisampling is requested.
      In combination with the yet-to-be-added resolve operation this would
      allow doing msaa offscreen rendering on GLES 3.0 (or GLES 2.0 with
      extensions) systems as well (those do not have multisample textures)
      Backends other than gl just use a texture under the hood. With OpenGL
      we use a renderbuffer, however, not a texture.
      This may seem like a horrible waste of time but will eventually be
      helpful to get a port of Qt Quick that is feature-wise identical to
      today's OpenGL path, without changing the OpenGL version requirements.
      Introduces isFeatureSupported, so examples like msaatexture can
      conveniently qFatal (hehe) when the GL backend reports multisample
      textures are not supported.
      While we are at it, make some examples nicer by not having to repeat
      releasing resources one by one.
      The example (msaarenderbuffer) is not finished yet since adding support
      for resolve (vkCmdResolveImage, glBlitFrameBuffer, etc.) is a future task.
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