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Qt Creator 2.0.80
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Qt Creator is a crossplatform C++ IDE for development with the Qt framework.
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Supported Platforms
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The binary packages support the following platforms:
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Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista
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(K)Ubuntu Linux 7.04 32bit and 64bit
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Mac OS 10.4 and later

Building the sources requires Qt 4.7.0 or later.
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Compiling Qt Creator
   * Qt 4.7
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   * On Windows: mingw 4.4 or later, Visual Studio 2008 or later
   * On Mac: XCode 2.5 or later

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We recommend that you build Qt Creator not in the source directory, but in a
separate directory. To do that, use the following commands:
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make (or mingw32-make or nmake or jom, depending on your platform)

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Qml Support

Define the QTCREATOR_WITH_QML environment variable to enable Qml support
(before running qmake).

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QmlDesigner, QmlInspector require private headers

The QmlDesigner and QmlInspector plugins depend on "private" Qt headers,
specifically from the QtDeclarative module. These private headers always end
with an "_p.h", and Nokia does not make any promises to keep the files or API's
binary or source compatible between releases. This means that when compiled,
the two plugins have a dependency to the exact Qt version they were compiled
with. Running Qt Creator with the plugins against updated Qt libraries (also for
patch releases) might lead to link time failures, or even crashes.

If you want to disable the plugins, you can pass "QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS=" to qmake:


Anyhow, the plugins will not be compiled when the private header files needed
are not found. This might be the case when you are using a Qt version from your
distribution, or when you installed your self-compiled Qt to a separate
directory via 'make install'. You can fix this by either re-building your Qt
with the "-developer-build" configure option, or pass the include directory in
the source directory to qmake, e.g.


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Third-party components
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Qt Creator includes the following third-party components,
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we thank the authors who made this possible:

* Open Source front-end for C++ (license MIT), enhanced for use in Qt Creator
  Roberto Raggi <>