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    Introduce a ChannelProvider run worker · 19d93d29
    hjk authored
    ... to provide a set of urls indicating usable connection
    points for 'server-using' tools (typically one, like gdbserver
    and the Qml tooling, but two for mixed debugging).
    Urls can describe local or tcp servers that are directly
    accessible to the host tools, if needed port forwarding
    could be set up when needed.
    Use it as new base for GdbServerPortsGatherer for starters.
    Note: Since none of the customization points for actual port
    forwarding are currently provided by device implementations
    only non-forwarding cases are working right now. Incidentally
    this does not affect existing setups, as the only case where
    it would be needed (Android/adb) have a complete custom
    implementation. The medium-term plan there is of course to use
    this new setup here and have the AndroidDevice implementation
    only provide the forwarding, not the whole debugging (etc...)
    Change-Id: I42c9783348cd430b1c435bbca56329c678ac485c
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