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    Fix flickering in the project pane. · 1aa05ae5
    dt authored
    This isn't a nice fix but the least evil version of a hack i could come
    up. The source of the flickering is: We have a deeply nested structure
    of widgets on the project pane. If we call hide() on such a deeply
    nested widget, it will activate() it's parent layout synchronously.
    That will then post an event (via updateGeometries() ) to its parent
    layout that it needs relayouting. Which then will post to its parent
    layout the same. And for each LayoutRequested, there's a painting in
    between. The fix instead calls activate() up the chain until we are at
    the viewport. This immediately relayouts everything. This adds a non
    obvoius potentially for breakeage if the widgets are embedded in a
    different widget hierarchy. But well, that's life.
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