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    Disable observer and jsdebugger services when they're already part of Qt · 2b0266d0
    Thorbjørn Lindeijer authored
    As of Qt 4.8 the observer and jsdebugger services are part of Qt. This
    means the following changes are necessary in Qt Creator:
    * Do not link to the QmlJSDebugger library.
    * Do not create JSDebuggerAgent and QDeclarativeViewObserver instances
      in the QmlApplicationViewer and use the new declarative_debug CONFIG
      option to enable those services in Qt. This is done automatically
      for debug builds.
    * Point out the QML Debugging Library and the QML Observer are "Not
      needed" in the Qt options page.
    * Change the label in qmake options from "Link QML debugging library" to
      "Enable QML debugging". It still remains as a way to enable this
      functionality in release builds or for QtQuick applications not based
      on Qt Creator's template.
    * Rely on qmlviewer for debugging QML UI projects rather than the
      observer, which is no longer necessary.
    Reviewed-by: Kai Koehne