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    Android virtual devices: Fix starting a avd · 480f7c09
    Daniel Teske authored
    This cleans up various bits of the avd support in Creator.
    - Adds a abi combobox to the create avd dialog.
    - Moves the startAvd code into a separate thread, so that
      starting a avd while deploying doesn't block creator anymore.
    - Implements a better waitForAvd function that works even
      if a emulator is already running and accurately can
      detect that it has finished booting.
    Note: There are still many problems in the avd support in creator.
    - The "clean libs on device" and "install qasi" functionality block
      the gui thread if they are run on a avd.
    - If no avd exists and no suitable hardware is attached, the user gets
      a create Avd dialog, which doesn't tell him why he needs to create a
      avd. That information is hidden in the compile output.
    Still this fixes the main use case of hitting run on a newly created
    project with no actual device attached.
    Change-Id: I76b3fdb1bdf3eadac07f82ad7d145ce6af453326
    Reviewed-by: default avatarBogDan Vatra <bogdan@kde.org>