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    Wizards: changes the structure of Wizards · 95a028e8
    Thomas Hartmann authored
    This patch introduces platforms as a top level topic when choosing
    a wizard. Also I changed the categories and priorities.
    1. I did change the way the dialog/view is structured in newdialog.cpp
    2. I added platformName() and supportsPlatform() to BaseQtVersion.
       I needed two functions because the Simulator does not provide a platform
       and therefore has no platformName but supports two platforms.
       I still have to turn the platform names into proper constants.
    3. I changed the categories and priorities to get the layout that was
       discussed. (I had to touch quite alot of files but this is mostly trivial)
    4. I added a combobox that allows filtering for platforms.
    5. I added flags() to IWizard to indicate that a wizard is platform independent.
    Change-Id: I86c7ad628a431ad06505c76580885c6e6c3ddc23
    Reviewed-by: default avatarAlessandro Portale <alessandro.portale@nokia.com>
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