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    File renaming · 9bc9fe73
    dt authored
    Reviewed-By: con
    Reviewed-By: Friedemann Kleint
    We now support renaming files. The version control system tries first to
    rename, if that doesn't support or can't rename the file we do a normal
    rename. (Note: git, hg, perforce > 2009.02 support renaming, cvs not.
    (perforce untested)). We correctly notify all editors of the renamed
    file and tell the project manager to rename the file in the project.
    Note: Only the qt4projectmanager knows how to rename files.
    Note: renaming folders, moving files to different folders, renaming
    .pro/.pri files is not supported. Those things can be later added after
    this has proven to work correctly in the simple case.
    Also we don't do any actions based on the renaming like renaming
    classes, changing include guards or #include lines.