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    CoreGdbAdapter: improve finding the exe from a core file · bd3366d8
    Thomas Otto authored
    - added a function which tries to find the executable belonging
      to a core file if the extracted path does not exist
       - tries to find binaries with a relative path
       - tires to remove commandline arguments, since the core
         file does not store which part is the exe name (which can
         contain spaces), and which are arguments
    loading /QT/core which was created by "/QT/bin/exec w.." by calling
      "./bin/exec with spaces" arg1 arg2 now finds the binary
    ==== will be split into a separate commit, included to show the
         second use of the new function
    LoadCoreDialog: change when ExecFilename is set from core
    - only set the name if the exe exists
    - if it does not exist and the previous entry does not either
      then insert what was extracted from the corefile
    Change-Id: I4a9846761c91ed976f3ba38a7dc756fc30ed179c
    Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <hjk121@nokiamail.com>
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