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    C++: Clean up dev tools. · d0f3d7cb
    Nikolai Kosjar authored
    * Add -h and -help options describing the tools and their usage.
    * Make the tools compile and run on Windows (MinGW, MSVC).
    * Rename project dirs, executables and main source files to more
      meaningful names:
      - Use same base name for project dir, *.pro file, main source file
        and (if applicable) script file.
      - Use the prefix "cplusplus-".
      - The names are now:
          - gen-cpp-ast/generate-ast --> cplusplus-update-frontend
          - mkvisitor --> cplusplus-mkvisitor
          - cplusplus-dump/cplusplus0 --> cplusplus-ast2png
    * Get rid of 'c++' shell scripts.
    * Get rid of duplicates of 'conf.c++'. Rename to 'pp-configuration.inc'.
    * Introduce src/tools/cplusplus-tools-utils containing common stuff
      that is used at least in two tools. 'pp-configuration.inc' can also be
      found here.
    * cplusplus-update-frontend:
      - Print file paths of written files to stdout.
      - Convenience: Use default values referencing the appropriate dirs and
    * cplusplus-mkvisitor:
      - Take only one argument, namely the path to AST.h.
      - Convenience: Use default path to AST.h.
    * cplusplus-ast2png:
      - Make it run without LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
      - As the name suggests, generate image files in png format (needs
        'dot' from graphviz).
      - Convenience: Read from stdin, which useful for small snippets.
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