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    Generalize IDevice::qmlProfilerHost · db9437c2
    hjk authored
    The idea is to have a way for tools to specify what kind of
    control channel they would like to use to communicate with
    a device without making the choice explicit dependent on
    the exact kind of tool to further decouple device and tool
    The 'hint' values are there to help the device implementation
    to decide on which channel to use exactly in case there are
    multiple choices. In any case, the tool is responsible to
    check that the returned channel is suitable for its operation.
    Currently the only choice is "QmlControlChannel" yielding
    a simple wrapper around the former IDevice::qmlProfilerHost()
    return value.
    Other enum values may potentially be {Tcp,LocalSocket}ControlChannel
    (to specify a type of transport) AdbChannel (to specify some
    generic helper mechanism). It might also turn out that something
    more complex than an enum will be needed, e.g. to express
    a set of values with priorities or such, but I'd rather
    avoid overengineering for now.
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