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    QmlJS: Separate metaObjectRevision from minor version number. · fdd0a15e
    Christian Kamm authored
    They need not to be identical. Additionally:
    * Rename ImportInfo::name to path, because that's what it does.
    * Add ImportInfo::name, for getting the uri with the names
      separated by dots.
    * Allow for exportMetaObjectRevisions in qmltypes files.
    * Allow for exports with an empty type name, as generated by
      qmlRegisterRevision. They are used for associating meta object
      revisions with non-exported types.
    * Rewrite the Qt 4.7 import to QtQuick 1.0 at an early stage. In
      preparation for the Qt 5 type information update, where Qt 4.7
      is gone.
    Change-Id: Ia287193623d9530a56b9eb8d2481d50aabd94c3e
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