Commit 01b50d2f authored by Orgad Shaneh's avatar Orgad Shaneh Committed by Orgad Shaneh
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Fix invalid long address printing

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-15326
Change-Id: I90b73e757c0ad3fc16ef587e6b4359e6bcb843ea
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 71e84f96
......@@ -1034,9 +1034,8 @@ class DumperBase:
# We cannot use str(addr) as it yields rubbish for char pointers
# that might trigger Unicode encoding errors.
#return addr.cast(lookupType("void").pointer())
# We do not use "hex(...)" as it (sometimes?) adds a "L" suffix.
return "0x%x" % toInteger(addr)
return "0x%x" % toInteger(hex(addr), 16)
warn("CANNOT CONVERT TYPE: %s" % type(addr))
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