Commit 023affc6 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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get rid of m_origfile

it's redundand
parent 36bbb3bc
......@@ -208,7 +208,6 @@ public:
bool m_invertNext; // Short-lived, so not in State
int m_skipLevel;
bool m_cumulative;
QString m_origfile;
QString m_oldPath; // To restore the current path to the path
QStack<ProFile*> m_profileStack; // To handle 'include(a.pri), so we can track back to '' when finished with 'a.pri'
struct ProLoop {
......@@ -791,8 +790,6 @@ ProItem::ProItemReturn ProFileEvaluator::Private::visitBeginProFile(ProFile * pr
m_lineNo = pro->lineNumber();
if (m_origfile.isEmpty())
m_origfile = pro->fileName();
if (m_oldPath.isEmpty()) {
// change the working directory for the initial profile we visit, since
// that is *the* profile. All the other times we reach this function will be due to
......@@ -2257,9 +2254,9 @@ QStringList ProFileEvaluator::Private::values(const QString &variableName,
if (variableName == QLatin1String("_DATE_")) //current date/time
return QStringList(QDateTime::currentDateTime().toString());
if (variableName == QLatin1String("_PRO_FILE_"))
return QStringList(m_origfile);
return QStringList(m_profileStack.first()->fileName());
if (variableName == QLatin1String("_PRO_FILE_PWD_"))
return QStringList(QFileInfo(m_origfile).absolutePath());
return QStringList(QFileInfo(m_profileStack.first()->fileName()).absolutePath());
if (variableName == QLatin1String("_QMAKE_CACHE_"))
return QStringList(); // FIXME?
if (variableName.startsWith(QLatin1String("QMAKE_HOST."))) {
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