Commit 03369da5 authored by Thomas Hartmann's avatar Thomas Hartmann Committed by con
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QmlDesigner.rewriter: fix possible incompatibilities with import plugins

The current Qt Version might be build with mingw or even be a Symbian
or Maemo target. This patch ensures that we do not try to load a plugin
from the configured Qt Version anymore.
Instead we only load plugins provided by Qt Creator
or plugins which are specified by:  QML_IMPORT_PATH

Reviewed-by: Kai Koehne
Reviewed-by: Erik Verbruggen
parent e732b3c1
...@@ -580,8 +580,6 @@ bool TextToModelMerger::load(const QString &data, DifferenceHandler &differenceH ...@@ -580,8 +580,6 @@ bool TextToModelMerger::load(const QString &data, DifferenceHandler &differenceH
{ // Have the QML engine check if the document is valid: { // Have the QML engine check if the document is valid:
QDeclarativeEngine engine; QDeclarativeEngine engine;
engine.setOutputWarningsToStandardError(false); engine.setOutputWarningsToStandardError(false);
foreach (const QString &importPath, importPaths)
QDeclarativeComponent comp(&engine); QDeclarativeComponent comp(&engine);
comp.setData(data.toUtf8(), url); comp.setData(data.toUtf8(), url);
if (comp.status() == QDeclarativeComponent::Error) { if (comp.status() == QDeclarativeComponent::Error) {
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