Commit 059e5f30 authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger
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Symbian: Warn if EPOCROOT is on different drive from the sources

... even when using SBSv2

Task-Number: QTCREATORBUG-5907
Change-Id: Ibb79dc798b8146f9e5658e186f499bfd47fb3d9e

Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 756fb879
......@@ -329,7 +329,11 @@ QList<ProjectExplorer::Task> SymbianQtVersion::reportIssuesImpl(const QString &p
QList<ProjectExplorer::Task> results = BaseQtVersion::reportIssuesImpl(proFile, buildDir);
const QString epocRootDir = systemRoot();
// Report an error if project- and epoc directory are on different drives:
if (!epocRootDir.startsWith(proFile.left(3), Qt::CaseInsensitive) && !isBuildWithSymbianSbsV2()) {
if (!epocRootDir.startsWith(proFile.left(3), Qt::CaseInsensitive)) {
// Note: SBSv2 works fine with the EPOCROOT and the sources being on different drives,
// but it fails when Qt is on a different drive than the sources. Since
// the SDK installs Qt and the EPOCROOT on the same drive we just stick with this
// warning.
"The Symbian SDK and the project sources must reside on the same drive."),
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