Commit 06e81076 authored by Nikolai Kosjar's avatar Nikolai Kosjar
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CppTools: Remove qHash() and operator==() for ProjectPart

These days we rather use ProjectPart::Ptr.

Change-Id: I069ad47fe9dd62901e7ac7d43a1850af8cb15f5d
Reviewed-by: default avatarErik Verbruggen <>
parent a8690b61
......@@ -63,46 +63,6 @@
static const bool DumpProjectInfo = qgetenv("QTC_DUMP_PROJECT_INFO") == "1";
namespace CppTools {
uint qHash(const ProjectPart &p)
uint h = qHash(p.toolchainDefines) ^ qHash(p.projectDefines) ^ p.cVersion ^ p.cxxVersion
^ p.cxxExtensions ^ p.qtVersion ^ qHash(p.projectConfigFile);
foreach (const QString &i, p.includePaths)
h ^= qHash(i);
foreach (const QString &f, p.frameworkPaths)
h ^= qHash(f);
return h;
bool operator==(const ProjectPart &p1,
const ProjectPart &p2)
if (p1.toolchainDefines != p2.toolchainDefines)
return false;
if (p1.projectDefines != p2.projectDefines)
return false;
if (p1.projectConfigFile != p2.projectConfigFile)
return false;
if (p1.cVersion != p2.cVersion)
return false;
if (p1.cxxVersion != p2.cxxVersion)
return false;
if (p1.cxxExtensions != p2.cxxExtensions)
return false;
if (p1.qtVersion!= p2.qtVersion)
return false;
if (p1.includePaths != p2.includePaths)
return false;
return p1.frameworkPaths == p2.frameworkPaths;
} // namespace CppTools
using namespace CppTools;
using namespace CppTools::Internal;
using namespace CPlusPlus;
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