Commit 073ff329 authored by Thorbjørn Lindeijer's avatar Thorbjørn Lindeijer
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Set the text of the discard color scheme changes button

Otherwise it would refer explicitly to closing without saving in some
cases, which isn't really suitable here.
parent e27f6884
......@@ -512,12 +512,20 @@ void FontSettingsPage::maybeSaveColorScheme()
if (d_ptr->m_value.colorScheme() == d_ptr->ui.schemeEdit->colorScheme())
int ret = QMessageBox::warning(d_ptr->ui.schemeComboBox->window(),
QMessageBox *messageBox = new QMessageBox(QMessageBox::Warning,
tr("Color Scheme Changed"),
tr("The color scheme \"%1\" was modified, do you want to save the changes?")
QMessageBox::Discard | QMessageBox::Save, QMessageBox::Save);
if (ret == QMessageBox::Save) {
QMessageBox::Discard | QMessageBox::Save,
// Change the text of the discard button
QPushButton *discardButton = static_cast<QPushButton*>(messageBox->button(QMessageBox::Discard));
messageBox->addButton(discardButton, QMessageBox::DestructiveRole);
if (messageBox->exec() == QMessageBox::Save) {
const ColorScheme &scheme = d_ptr->ui.schemeEdit->colorScheme();>m_value.colorSchemeFileName());
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