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Changelog 1.3.0

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......@@ -64,18 +64,24 @@ Debugging
* CDB: Added more types to the dumpers (QSharedPointer, QVector, common
QMap/QSet types), dereference reference and pointer parameters
* CDB: Simplified display of STL types in the locals window
* CDB: Fixed thread handling
* CDB: Fixed thread handling, display thread position
* CDB: Added internal dumpers for string types for debuggee crashes
* CDB: Set symbol paths correctly
* Improved QObject dumping, print out QRect/QSize, enumerations and flags
* Made it possible to use the BinEditor plugin for displaying raw memory
* Replace disassembler window by a real text editor enabling "mixed" output
* Improved dumper building on options page, run in background
* Added support for rearranging and floating form editor tools
Version control plugins
* Added CVS support
* Display diff/annotation with correct encoding
* Added "sync" menu item to the Perforce plugin
* Fixed locking of temporary submit message files on Windows
* Use a single, colored output pane for all version control systems
* Position annotation view of file at current line of editor
* Fixed GUI project and form class wizards to use the same settings.
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