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debugger: code cosmetics in watch handler

parent d0240235
......@@ -244,10 +244,10 @@ QString WatchData::toString() const
// Format a tooltip fow with aligned colon
template <class Streamable>
void formatToolTipRow(QTextStream &str, const QString &category, const Streamable &value)
static void formatToolTipRow(QTextStream &str, const QString &category, const QString &value)
str << "<tr><td>" << category << "</td><td> : </td><td>" << value << "</td></tr>";
str << "<tr><td>" << category << "</td><td> : </td><td>"
<< Qt::escape(value) << "</td></tr>";
QString WatchData::toToolTip() const
......@@ -257,17 +257,17 @@ QString WatchData::toToolTip() const
QString res;
QTextStream str(&res);
str << "<html><body><table>";
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("Expression"), Qt::escape(exp));
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("Type"), Qt::escape(type));
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("Expression"), exp);
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("Type"), type);
QString val = value;
if (value.size() > 1000) {
val += WatchHandler::tr(" ... <cut off>");
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("Value"), Qt::escape(val));
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("Object Address"), Qt::escape(addr));
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("Stored Address"), Qt::escape(saddr));
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("iname"), Qt::escape(iname));
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("Value"), val);
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("Object Address"), addr);
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("Stored Address"), saddr);
formatToolTipRow(str, WatchHandler::tr("Internal ID"), iname);
str << "</table></body></html>";
return res;
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