Commit 0a1e63d1 authored by kh1's avatar kh1
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Make them const.

parent fa32d9a9
......@@ -620,12 +620,12 @@ BookmarkManager::~BookmarkManager()
BookmarkModel* BookmarkManager::treeBookmarkModel()
BookmarkModel* BookmarkManager::treeBookmarkModel() const
return treeModel;
BookmarkModel* BookmarkManager::listBookmarkModel()
BookmarkModel* BookmarkManager::listBookmarkModel() const
return listModel;
......@@ -161,8 +161,8 @@ public:
BookmarkManager(QHelpEngineCore *helpEngine);
BookmarkModel *treeBookmarkModel();
BookmarkModel *listBookmarkModel();
BookmarkModel *treeBookmarkModel() const;
BookmarkModel *listBookmarkModel() const;
void saveBookmarks();
QStringList bookmarkFolders() const;
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