Commit 0a35cae9 authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning
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Squish: Fixed tst_qml_indent

Change-Id: I9edd5410896401810b5106049832c36221b155d3
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 05026c51
......@@ -15,12 +15,9 @@ def main():
invokeMenuItem("File", "Exit")
def prepareQmlFile():
# make sure the QML file is opened
navTree = waitForObject("{type='Utils::NavigationTreeView' unnamed='1' visible='1' "
"window=':Qt Creator_Core::Internal::MainWindow'}")
model = navTree.model()
waitForObjectItem(navTree, "untitled.QML.qml/untitled.main\\.qml")
doubleClickItem(navTree, "untitled.QML.qml/untitled.main\\.qml", 5, 5, 0, Qt.LeftButton)
if not openDocument("untitled.QML.qml/untitled.main\\.qml"):
test.fatal("Could not open main.qml")
return False
editor = waitForObject(":Qt Creator_QmlJSEditor::QmlJSTextEditorWidget")
for i in range(3):
content = "%s" % editor.plainText
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