Commit 0a9d69a2 authored by Christian Kandeler's avatar Christian Kandeler Committed by hjk
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Debugger: Fix qbs build.

Change-Id: I92aa8707d30f57570af0f0932471a149294f94ef
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent dd43d990
...@@ -251,8 +251,6 @@ QtcPlugin { ...@@ -251,8 +251,6 @@ QtcPlugin {
"qml/qmlv8debuggerclientconstants.h", "qml/qmlv8debuggerclientconstants.h",
"qml/qscriptdebuggerclient.cpp", "qml/qscriptdebuggerclient.cpp",
"qml/qscriptdebuggerclient.h", "qml/qscriptdebuggerclient.h",
"shared/backtrace.cpp", "shared/backtrace.cpp",
"shared/backtrace.h", "shared/backtrace.h",
"shared/cdbsymbolpathlisteditor.cpp", "shared/cdbsymbolpathlisteditor.cpp",
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