Commit 0aadfbd4 authored by Christian Kandeler's avatar Christian Kandeler
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SSH: Remove bogus compatibility check.

All host keys can be used with all HMACs.

Change-Id: I71055d3085d13683e53491ac9a9d98734dd6e7e5
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Kandeler <>
parent f36c1752
......@@ -252,27 +252,7 @@ void SshKeyExchange::determineHashingAlgorithm(const SshKeyExchangeInit &kexInit
const QList<QByteArray> &serverCapabilities = serverToClient
? kexInit.macAlgorithmsServerToClient.names
: kexInit.macAlgorithmsClientToServer.names;
const QList<QByteArray> commonAlgos = SshCapabilities::commonCapabilities(
SshCapabilities::MacAlgorithms, serverCapabilities);
const QByteArray hashAlgo = hashAlgoForKexAlgo();
foreach (const QByteArray &potentialAlgo, commonAlgos) {
if (potentialAlgo == hashAlgo
|| !m_kexAlgoName.startsWith(SshCapabilities::EcdhKexNamePrefix)) {
*algo = potentialAlgo;
if (algo->isEmpty()) {
"Invalid combination of key exchange and hashing algorithms.",
"Server requested invalid combination of key exchange and hashing algorithms. "
"Key exchange algorithm list was: %1.\nHashing algorithm list was %2.")
.arg(QString::fromLocal8Bit(kexInit.keyAlgorithms.names.join(", ")))
.arg(QString::fromLocal8Bit(serverCapabilities.join(", "))));
*algo = SshCapabilities::findBestMatch(SshCapabilities::MacAlgorithms, serverCapabilities);
void SshKeyExchange::checkHostKey(const QByteArray &hostKey)
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