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Doc: new Git commands

Actions on Commits, Fixup Last Commit, Interactive Rebase,
Rename branch, Push to remote repository, and Push to Gerrit

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\li \gui Git > \gui {Current File} > \gui{Undo Unstaged Changes} reverts
all changes and resets the working directory to the state of the
all changes and resets the current file to the state of the
\li \gui Git > \gui {Current File} > \gui {Undo Uncommitted Changes}
reverts all changes, discarding the
index. This returns your working copy to the state it was in right
index. This returns the current file to the state it was in right
after the last commit.
\li \gui Git > \gui {Local Repository} > \gui Reset opens a dialog
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select \gui Tools > \gui Git > \gui {Local Repository} > \gui Clean to clean
the repository.
To show commits, select \gui Tools > \gui Git > \gui {Show Commit} and
select a commit to view. Enter the SHA-1 or reference of the commit in the
\gui Change field.
To apply latest changes to the last commit, select \gui Tools > \gui Git >
\gui {Local Repository} > \gui {Amend Last Commit}. You can also edit the
commit message.
To amend an earlier comment in a series of related commits, select
\gui Tools > \gui Git > \gui {Local Repository} >
\gui {Fixup Previous Commit}. This operation is done using interactive
rebase. In case of conflicts, a merge tool is suggested.
To change a series of commits in the local repository, select \gui Tools >
\gui Git > \gui {Local Repository} > \gui {Interactive Rebase}. You can
reorder or discard commits, squash them into a single commit, or edit the
commit messages.
The following sections describe how to manage local and remote branches,
apply patches, and use stashes.
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\li \gui{Remove}
\li Remove a local branch. You cannot delete remote branches.
\li \gui Rename
\li Rename a local branch.
\li \gui{Checkout}
\li Check out the selected branch and make it current. You can stash
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display or delete them, select \gui Stashes.
To save a snapshot of your current work under a name for later reference,
select \gui {Stash Snapshot}. The working copy is unchanged. For example, if
select \gui {Take Snapshot}. The working copy is unchanged. For example, if
you want to try something and find out later that it does not work, you can
discard the changes and return to the state of the snapshot.
To remove a single stashed state from the stash list and apply it on top of
the current working tree state, select \gui {Stash Pop}.
\section3 Applying Actions to Commits
To browse a directory or the commit history and to apply actions on the
commits, select \gui Tools > \gui Git > \gui {Actions on Commits}. You can
checkout, revert, or cherry-pick commits or view them in the diff editor.
\image creator-git-commit-actions.png "Select a Git Commit dialog"
\section3 Working with Remote Repositories
In addition to the standard version control system functions, you can
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\li Menu Item
\li Description
\li \gui{Refresh}
\li Refresh the list of remote repositories.
\li \gui{Add}
\li Add a new remote repository.
......@@ -499,12 +519,13 @@
\li \gui{Fetch}
\li Fetch all the branches and change information from a remote
\li \gui Push
\li Push committed changes to the remote repository.
\li \gui{Remove}
\li Remove a remote repository.
\li \gui{Refresh}
\li Refresh the list of remote repositories.
\section4 Using Git with Subversion
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\image qtcreator-gerrit-options.png
You can see the same information about each change as in the Gerrit
web interface.
To push committed changes to Gerrit, select \gui Tools > \gui Git >
\gui {Remote Repository} > \gui {Push to Gerrit}.
To view the same information about each change as in the Gerrit
web interface, select \gui Tools > \gui Git > \gui {Remote Repository} >
\gui Gerrit.
\image qtcreator-gerrit.png
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