Commit 0bf1c85b authored by hjk's avatar hjk

ProjectExplorer: Hide some KitOptionsPage implementation details.

Follows the recently established pattern.

Change-Id: I869da4df9d1d879ebff3ed7c45e8c33f376968a0
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent a6f835de
......@@ -35,18 +35,11 @@
#include <coreplugin/dialogs/ioptionspage.h>
#include <QModelIndex>
#include <QPointer>
class QItemSelectionModel;
class QTreeView;
class QPushButton;
namespace ProjectExplorer {
namespace Internal { class KitModel; }
namespace Internal { class KitOptionsPageWidget; }
class Kit;
......@@ -66,31 +59,9 @@ public:
void finish();
void showKit(Kit *k);
private slots:
void kitSelectionChanged();
void addNewKit();
void cloneKit();
void removeKit();
void makeDefaultKit();
void updateState();
QModelIndex currentIndex() const;
Kit *currentKit() const;
QTreeView *m_kitsView;
QPushButton *m_addButton;
QPushButton *m_cloneButton;
QPushButton *m_delButton;
QPushButton *m_makeDefaultButton;
QPointer<QWidget> m_configWidget;
Internal::KitModel *m_model;
QItemSelectionModel *m_selectionModel;
QWidget *m_currentWidget;
Kit *m_toShow;
QPointer<Internal::KitOptionsPageWidget> m_widget;
} // namespace ProjectExplorer
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