Commit 0d9da49d authored by Pawel Polanski's avatar Pawel Polanski
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Symbian: running process is identified by its UID3 instead of the its name

parent 8c656374
......@@ -284,7 +284,9 @@ void CodaRunControl::handleLogging(const TcfTrkEvent &event)
void CodaRunControl::handleAddListener(const TcfTrkCommandResult &result)
m_tcfTrkDevice->sendSymbianOsDataFindProcessesCommand(TcfTrkCallback(this, &CodaRunControl::handleFindProcesses), executableName().toLatin1(), "0");
m_tcfTrkDevice->sendSymbianOsDataFindProcessesCommand(TcfTrkCallback(this, &CodaRunControl::handleFindProcesses),
QByteArray::number(executableUid(), 16));
void CodaRunControl::handleFindProcesses(const TcfTrkCommandResult &result)
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