Commit 0dafe5cb authored by Ivan Donchevskii's avatar Ivan Donchevskii

Utils: improve savefile error messages

Change-Id: I505c33e1e56a67a3682de2e2cbfe2ab967d04242
Reviewed-by: David Schulz's avatarDavid Schulz <>
parent 8187c6a1
......@@ -112,25 +112,35 @@ bool SaveFile::commit()
QString finalFileName
= FileUtils::resolveSymlinks(FileName::fromString(m_finalFileName)).toString();
QString bakname = finalFileName + QLatin1Char('~');
const QString backupName = finalFileName + '~';
// Back up current file.
// If it's opened by another application, the lock follows the move.
if (QFile::exists(finalFileName)) {
QFile::remove(bakname); // Kill old backup
// Try to back up current file
if (!QFile::rename(finalFileName, bakname)) {
// Kill old backup. Might be useful if creator crashed before removing backup.
QFile finalFile(finalFileName);
if (!finalFile.rename(backupName)) {
setErrorString(tr("File might be locked."));
return false;
if (!rename(finalFileName)) { // Replace current file
QFile::rename(bakname, finalFileName); // Rollback to current file
bool result = true;
if (!rename(finalFileName)) {
// The case when someone else was able to create finalFileName after we've renamed it.
// Higher level call may try to save this file again but here we do nothing and
// return false while keeping the error string from last rename call.
const QString &renameError = errorString();
return false;
result = false;
return true;
return result;
void SaveFile::initializeUmask()
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