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The QtCreator 1.2 release contains bug fixes and new features.
A more detailed list of changes follows below. If you want to know the exact
and complete list of changes, you can check out the QtCreator sources from the
public git repository and check the logs, e.g.
Below is a list of relevant changes. You can find a complete list of changes
within the logs of QtCreator's sources. Simply check it out from the public git
repository e.g.,
git clone git://
git log --pretty=oneline v1.1.0..v1.2.0
This release introduces source and binary incompatible changes to the plugin
API, so if you created your own custom plugins these need to be adapted.
API, so if you have created your own custom plugins, they will need to be
adapted accordingly.
* Reworked Welcome Screen
* Speed improvement: store large amounts of persistent data
(e.g. locator cache) in an SQLite database
* Show current file name in the window title
* The Welcome Screen has been redesigned.
* There has been some speed improvements: large amounts of persistent data
(e.g., Qt Locator's cache) is now stored in an SQLite database.
* The window title now displays the current file's name.
* Added option to allow alphabetical method combo box
* Introduced Block highlighting
* Improved code folding markers
* Further improvements to FakeVim mode
* Make it possible to disable Ctrl+Click navigation
* Added optional XCode-style tab indentation
* There is now an option for listing methods alphabetically in the combo box
above the editor.
* A block highlighting feature has been added.
* Code folding markers have been improved on.
* FakeVim mode has received further improvements.
* It is now possible to disable Ctrl+Click navigation.
* An optional XCode-style tab indentation has been added.
* Ui changes are added immediately to the code model
* Fixed possibly missing code completion with mingw toolchain
* Added option for turning antialiasing of text editor fonts off
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