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a simple 'new project' wizard for a plain C project

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#include <stdio.h>
int main(void)
printf("Hello World!\n");
return 0;
CONFIG += console
CONFIG -= qt
SOURCES += main.c
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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** Copyright (c) 2011 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
** Contact: Nokia Corporation (
** GNU Lesser General Public License Usage
** This file may be used under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
** License version 2.1 as published by the Free Software Foundation and
** appearing in the file LICENSE.LGPL included in the packaging of this file.
** Please review the following information to ensure the GNU Lesser General
** Public License version 2.1 requirements will be met:
** In addition, as a special exception, Nokia gives you certain additional
** rights. These rights are described in the Nokia Qt LGPL Exception
** version 1.1, included in the file LGPL_EXCEPTION.txt in this package.
** Other Usage
** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms and
** conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you and Nokia.
** If you have questions regarding the use of this file, please contact
** Nokia at
Custom project wizard configuration example file. Note that by convention,
the project file goes last.
The "class" and "firstpage" attributes specify that it is a Qt 4 wizard and
leave room for the Qt 4 target page.
<wizard version="1" kind="project"
class="qt4project" firstpage="10"
id="R.Plain C" category="I.Projects">
<description>Creates a plain C project using QMake, not using the Qt library.</description>
<displayname>Plain C Project</displayname>;
<displaycategory>Other Project</displaycategory>
<file source="main.c" openeditor="true"/>
<file source="" target="" openproject="true"/>
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