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Task lists: Improve documentation.

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\o \l{Using Version Control Systems}
\o \l{Using External Tools}
\o \l{Creating Task List Files}
\o \l{Showing Task List Files in the Build Issues Pane}
\o \l{Using Command Line Options}
\o \l{Getting Help}
\o \l{Tips and Tricks}
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imported to the pane. Press \key F6 and \key Shift+F6 to jump from one issue
to the next.
For more information about creating task files, see \l{Creating Task List Files}.
For more information about creating task files, see
\l{Showing Task List Files in the Build Issues Pane}.
\section2 Search Results
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\page creator-task-lists.html
\nextpage creator-cli.html
\title Creating Task List Files
\title Showing Task List Files in the Build Issues Pane
You can load tasks from task lists to the \gui{Build Issues} pane. You can
either create the task lists manually or create scripts to generate them from
output of static code analysis tools, for example.
Code scanning and analysis tools typically create report files in ASCII-form,
consisting of lines containing file name, line number and an error message.
Stack traces obtained from crash reports take a similar form.
Traditionally, one would fix these issues by manually navigating to the
occurrences and correcting them, which is tedious.
Qt Creator makes this very easy by providing a way to load these files into
the \gui{Build Issues} pane, so that the corresponding source code can be navigated
to by clicking on the message. For this to work, the files need to be converted to the
\l{Task List File Format}, which can be easily achieved by using conversion
scripts based on standard text processing tools of the operating system.
The resulting task list files can then be loaded by choosing
\gui{File} -> \gui{Open}.
For an example of a script that checks new lines of code and matches them
against regular expressions to generate a task list, see \c{scripts\}
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