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Doc: fix bug in doc building instructions

And add a note about the new online style.

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......@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@
changed over time, so they differ between Qt and \QC versions. Since \QC
version 3.3, only Qt 5 is supported for building documentation. The
templates to use are defined by the
\c qt5\qtbase\doc\global\qt-html-templates-offline.qdocconf} and
\c {qt5\qtbase\doc\global\qt-html-templates-offline.qdocconf} and
\c {qt5\qtbase\doc\global\qt-html-templates-online.qdocconf} configuration
file. They are fetched from Qt sources by adding the following lines to the
qdocconf file:
......@@ -266,11 +266,14 @@
\li \c {include ($QT_INSTALL_DOCS/global/qt-html-templates-offline.qdocconf)}
for publishing on the web
\li \c {include ($QT_INSTALL_DOCS/global/qt-html-templates-online.qdocconf)}
for help files
\li \c {include ($QT_INSTALL_DOCS/global/qt-html-templates-online.qdocconf)}
for publishing on the web
\note To have the correct fonts loaded for the online version, you must be
running it on a web server.
\note If the styles look wrong to you when reading help files in \QC or \QA,
you might be looking at them in the QTextBrowser instead of the WebKit
browser. This happens if you build \QC and \QA with a self-built Qt and did
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