Commit 113723bb authored by dt's avatar dt
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Fixes: Don't crash if we don't get any toolchain.

Details:  Stupid me.
parent 8b9dd766
......@@ -457,8 +457,12 @@ void Qt4Project::updateCodeModel()
const QString newQtLibsPath = versionInfo.value(QLatin1String("QT_INSTALL_LIBS"));
ToolChain *tc = toolChain(activeBuildConfiguration());
QByteArray predefinedMacros = tc->predefinedMacros();
QList<HeaderPath> allHeaderPaths = tc->systemHeaderPaths();
QByteArray predefinedMacros;
QList<HeaderPath> allHeaderPaths;
if (tc) {
predefinedMacros = tc->predefinedMacros();
allHeaderPaths = tc->systemHeaderPaths();
foreach (HeaderPath headerPath, allHeaderPaths) {
if (headerPath.kind() == HeaderPath::FrameworkHeaderPath)
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