Commit 1162b09a authored by Pawel Polanski's avatar Pawel Polanski
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Creation od "Copy Destanation" path for sis package has been fixed

parent 05ae17ea
......@@ -256,7 +256,7 @@ void S60DeployStep::startDeployment()
QStringList copyDst;
foreach (const QString &signedPackage, m_signedPackages)
copyDst << QString::fromLatin1("%1:\\Data\\%1").arg(m_installationDrive).arg(QFileInfo(signedPackage).fileName());
copyDst << QString::fromLatin1("%1:\\Data\\%2").arg(m_installationDrive).arg(QFileInfo(signedPackage).fileName());
m_launcher->setCopyFileNames(m_signedPackages, copyDst);
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