Doc: Describe function for sorting lines alphabetically

Remove the information about the external sort tool, which will
now be removed from Qt Creator that we have a sorting feature.

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\title Using External Tools
You can use external tools directly from \QC. Qt Linguist,
QML preview tools, the
default text editor for your system, and the \c sort tool are preconfigured
You can use external tools directly from \QC. Qt Linguist, QML preview
tools, and the default text editor for your system are preconfigured
for use. You can change their default configurations and configure new
......@@ -93,16 +92,6 @@
\QC looks for the editor path in the PATH environment variable
of your operating system.
\section1 Sorting Text Alphabetically
To sort selected text alphabetically, select \uicontrol {Tools > External > Text
> Sort Selection}. The \c sort tool takes the selected text as input and
returns it in alphabetic order. By default, the output replaces the
original selection in the code editor.
To change the default configuration, select \uicontrol {Tools > External >
\section1 Configuring External Tools
You can change the configuration of preconfigured tools and configure
......@@ -257,4 +257,10 @@
history, press \key {Ctrl+Shift+V} until the clip appears.
The number of clips in the history is fixed to 10.
\section1 Sorting Lines Alphabetically
To sort selected lines alphabetically, select \uicontrol Edit >
\uicontrol Advanced > \uicontrol {Sort Selected Lines} or press
\key {Alt+Shift+S} (or \key Ctrl+Shift+S on \macos).
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