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remove the build step. You will still be able to debug applications, but the
contents of Qt and STL data types will not be displayed properly.
\section1 Dependencies
If you have multiple projects loaded in your session, you can configure
dependencies between them. This will affect the build order of your
projects. To do this, go the the \bold{Dependencies} tab after selecting
the project for which you want to configure the dependencies, and then use
the checkboxes to check which of the other projects is a dependency.
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\o Meaning
\o System Qt \target glossary-system-qt
\raw HTML
System Qt
\target glossary-system-qt
\o The version of Qt installed on your system. This is the Qt
version for the \c qmake command found in your \c PATH.
\o Default Qt \target glossary-default-qt
\raw HTML
Default Qt
\target glossary-default-qt
\o The version of Qt configured in \gui{Tools -> Options -> Qt 4
-> Default Qt Version}. This is the Qt version used by your
new projects. It defaults to System Qt.
\o Project Qt \target glossary-project-qt
\raw HTML
Project Qt
\target glossary-project-qt
\o The version of Qt configured in \gui{Build&Run -> Build
Settings -> Build Configurations}. This is the Qt version that
is actually used by a particular project. It defaults to
Default Qt.
\o Shadow Build \target glossary-shadow-build
\raw HTML
Shadow Build
\target glossary-shadow-build
\o Shadow building means building a project in a separate
directory, the \e{build directory}. The build directory is
different from the source directory. One of the benefits of
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