Commit 144fef6b authored by Eike Ziller's avatar Eike Ziller
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Mac: use the deployed Qt for sdktool

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-7926

Change-Id: I546dc1e899b6efbce3742046f1b5cc83a9c69612
Reviewed-by: default avatarTim Jenssen <>
parent 8b29f443
macdeployqt "$1" \
"-executable=$1/Contents/MacOS/" \
"-executable=$1/Contents/Resources/qtpromaker" || exit 1
"-executable=$1/Contents/Resources/qtpromaker" \
"-executable=$1/Contents/Resources/sdktool" || exit 1
test -d "$qmlpuppetResources" || mkdir -p "$qmlpuppetResources"
cp "$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")/../dist/installer/mac/qmlpuppet_qt.conf" "$qmlpuppetResources/qt.conf"
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