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Doc: checking JavaScript syntax

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\section1 Checking JavaScript Syntax
You can run static checks on JavaScript to find common problems, such as:
\o Duplicate or conflicting variable, function, and formal parameter
\o Variables and functions that are used before they are declared
\o Possibly unsafe uses of the == or != operators
\o Comma expressions, except in \c for statements
\o Expression statements, except function or method calls, assignments,
or \c delete
\o Assignments within conditions (such as, \c {if (a = b)})
\o Case blocks within a switch that do not end with a return, break,
continue, or throw and that are not empty
\o Nested block statements
\o \c with statements
\o \c void expressions
To run the checks, select \gui {Tools > QML/JS > Run Checks} or press
\key Ctrl+Shift+C. The results are shown in the \gui {QML Analysis}
filter of the \gui {Issues} output pane.
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