Commit 151ce2b6 authored by cerf's avatar cerf Committed by Tobias Hunger
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Bazaar: mark unused parameters with Q_UNUSED

Merge-request: 272
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 4b8b362c
......@@ -139,8 +139,10 @@ bool BazaarControl::vcsAnnotate(const QString &file, int line)
return true;
bool BazaarControl::vcsCheckout(const QString &/*directory*/, const QByteArray &/*url*/)
bool BazaarControl::vcsCheckout(const QString &directory, const QByteArray &url)
return false;
......@@ -147,8 +147,11 @@ BazaarPlugin::~BazaarPlugin()
m_instance = 0;
bool BazaarPlugin::initialize(const QStringList &/*arguments*/, QString * /*errorMessage*/)
bool BazaarPlugin::initialize(const QStringList &arguments, QString *errorMessage)
typedef VCSBase::VCSEditorFactory<BazaarEditor> BazaarEditorFactory;
m_client = new BazaarClient(m_bazaarSettings);
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