Commit 15614b2b authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger
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Gdb: Fix warnings about inconsistent use of override

Change-Id: I8999f88acd30ecaa475837391ff4ba5622ae8ee4
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 666fd0d6
......@@ -75,25 +75,22 @@ public:
private: ////////// General Interface //////////
DebuggerEngine *cppEngine() override { return this; }
virtual void setupEngine() = 0;
virtual void handleGdbStartFailed();
virtual void setupInferior() = 0;
virtual void notifyInferiorSetupFailed() override;
void notifyInferiorSetupFailed() override;
virtual bool hasCapability(unsigned) const override;
virtual void detachDebugger() override;
virtual void shutdownInferior() override;
virtual void shutdownEngine() = 0;
virtual void abortDebugger() override;
virtual void resetInferior() override;
bool hasCapability(unsigned) const override;
void detachDebugger() override;
void shutdownInferior() override;
void abortDebugger() override;
void resetInferior() override;
virtual bool acceptsDebuggerCommands() const override;
virtual void executeDebuggerCommand(const QString &command, DebuggerLanguages languages) override;
bool acceptsDebuggerCommands() const override;
void executeDebuggerCommand(const QString &command, DebuggerLanguages languages) override;
private: ////////// General State //////////
DebuggerStartMode startMode() const;
Q_SLOT void reloadLocals();
void reloadLocals();
bool m_registerNamesListed;
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